Equine Reproduction

Santa Sofia Equine is dedicated to providing thorough and attentive equine reproductive care for your horses. Speak with Dr. Estrada to learn more about how he can guide you through the breeding process.

Equine Reproductive Services

Dr. Estrada is widely regarded as an expert in equine reproduction. You can trust Dr. Estrada with your horse’s care in specialties including equine fertility, horse reproductive management and reproductive pathologies. Call Dr. Estrada to schedule a professional consultation and evaluation of equine reproduction.

Read below to learn more about reproductive management services currently offered by Santa Sofia Equine:

Reproductive Services for Mares

Palpation and Ultrasound, Artificial Insemination (fresh and frozen semen), Reproductive Wellness Exam, Embryo Transfer, Oocyte Aspiration, and More

Stallion Reproductive Services

Stallion Handling and Management Semen Collection, Evaluation, and Freezing Epididymal Semen Harvesting and Freezing

Dr. Estrada is trained in stallion reproductive management and breeding services. Breeding stallions require a high level of expertise and consistent management to be successful. Mare pregnancies and fertility management can be challenging. Choose a reproductive specialist you can trust with the best outcome.

Dr. Estrada provides exceptional care to your horses and foals. Call Dr. Estrada to schedule a professional consultation and reproductive evaluation of your horse.